SINO S-TECH LIMITED is one of Thailand’s trading companies, which has established and is maintaining a reputation for representing products of the highest quality, and for excellent service to both our customers and principals in all areas of the company’s business.

  For the future SINO S-TECH LIMITED is confident of the growth and prosperity of Thailand and is, therefore, embarking on a program of investment in staff and facilities, strengthening the company’s current interests and expanding our business base in line with the expanding Thai economy.

SINO S-TECH LIMITED is involved in the marketing, sales and servicing of Voice Communications Logging Recorder systems for Banks, Finance and Securities, Airlines, Royal Thai Army, Royal Thai Air Force, Government offices, and Private Companies.

  Such systems include Voice Communications Recorders –NICE Interaction Management, NICE Engage, NICE IEX Work Force Management, In addition, we have been a distributor of headsets for the past few years.

  With a solid reputation, decades of experience, a large and rapidly growing work force of dedicated and highly - skilled staff and the latest facilities, SINO S-TECH LIMITED philosophy focuses on maintaining a portfolio of only top quality products in each field providing a full range of services to cover not only sales but also the servicing and maintenance of such products including complex equipments and systems.