- Installation : With a rich experience in the Voice Recorder Industry for over 15 years and a few hundred of customers, it was well proved to our partners and customers for the professionally installation. We have gained lots of installations with all PABX vendors as well as CTI integrations.

- Preventive Maintenance : With some reference sites, which were installed throughout Thailand, we controlled the number of engineers to serve customers and provide the maintenance service to meet customer requirement and satisfaction. This will ensure the investment of customer.

- Solution Consultation : We have been working with all PABX such as Cisco, Alcatel, Nortel, Siemens, AVAYA, NEC, Ericsson, ASPECT, etc and also many of CTI integrators. We have gained some varieties of integrations in terms of PABX and CTI. This is our well expertise on the NICE solution, which we can give some solution consult.

- Problem consultant : With all NICE product family such as Version 8.8, 8.9, Mirra system, NiceCall Focus, NicePerform, NicePerform Express, Nice Interaction Management, Nice Recording Express, etc, that have been sold and installed in Thailand, we are confident to commit to our customers to maintain and solve the problems at any time. We maintain some spare parts, which makes us flexible to fix the problems.