Use AI to craft customer experience for engagement and delight

FullLoop Customer Experience is an AI-powered total customer experience platform that excels at gaining actionable insights for real-time customer management. 

Get all done through one platform
in real time

You can manage your total customer experience on a single platform in real time with relevant indexes and scores. You can also customize FullLoop CX to fit the nature of your business in the way you want it to be.

Receive comprehensive insights with recommendations

FullLoop CX is built on more than 20 years of marketing research data and experience. Our advanced analytics dashboard is designed from a business viewpoint to automate insight discovery, give answers to business questions, and make recommendations.

Give your staff the tools they need  

Using FullLoop, your staff have the right tools to attract, monitor and retain your customers, increase sales, and gain insights to build your next campaign and product hit. They will have the tools needed to boost your business.

Create wow experiences to new customers

FullLoop CX can collect new lead information by using a tempting incentive to approach them without great expense or disruption to normal procedures. Wow experiences can cause customers to look for ways to spend more with you and tell others about you.


Some interesting use cases