The NICE Compliance Center brings together real-time alerts, omnichannel analytics, and actionable insights under a centralized management, empowering contact centers to reduce the risk of regulatory breaches

complience center

NICE Compliance Center, a unique compliance recording solution for the contact center industry. Combining NICE’s leading recording platform with analytics capabilities and end-to-end media encryption, Compliance Center is a holistic solution that reduces the risk of regulatory breaches while centralizing all compliance management activities, for optimal efficiency and rapid adaptation to changing regulations.

In the current regulatory environment, and with new legislation anticipated, such as PCI DSS 3.2, MiFID II and GDPR, organizations must be able to capture, retain, identify and retrieve every customer interaction from any channel according to specific regulatory guidelines. Leveraging the benefits of NICE Engage, the omnichannel recording platform which offers real-time capabilities, advanced scalability, and end-to-end media encryption, Compliance Center ensures that the proper regulatory procedures are in place by applying specific compliance performance indicators and interaction analytics. The solution also includes dedicated dashboards, leveraging insights from the recorded data and metadata.

A holistic solution for recording compliance

NICE’s Compliance Center is an end-to-end recording compliance solution for contact centers. It brings together dedicated mechanisms, real-time notifications with the IntelliAgent, analytics and advanced automation capabilities. The solution delivers:

  • Compliance Assurance Dashboards –View aggregated information on compliance activities: such as audio loss detection for recording assurance and evidence keeping, consent and deletion for Privacy, SAD (Sensitive Authentication Data) and encryption for PCI DSS, and script violations for consumer protection.
  • Self-service evidence and policy management application –Centralize all policy management activities into a single application, to manage all rules independently, and promptly adapt to changes. With mission-critical mechanisms and approval workflows, IT and business users can benefit from Do It Yourself (DIY) to automate their compliance activities and optimize resources.
  • Agent dedicated app to gain compliance insights –The IntelliAgent app triggers real-time information to your agents on recording assurance, audio loss and offers manual commands for PCI DSS with pause and resume. The app also enables annotations for better data tagging.

Based on the market-leading recording platform with unmatched scalability, NICE Advanced Interaction Recorder and NICE Engage Platform, the solution is ready to capture, and retain any channel. It is also Trustwave certified for PCI DSS and HIPAA.

Leveraging analytics for compliance

Compliance Center leverages analytics and real-time capabilities to provide actionable insights and streamline compliance workflows across the enterprise. The solution helps monitor and detect violations such as: audio loss, force deletion failures, PCI SAD capture, disclaimer mistakes or missing consent.

With dedicated solutions for specific regulations, the Compliance Center enables users to perform actions based on insights gathered from the system. The solution also helps users investigate, lock or extract interactions for further analysis.


Addressing the needs of all stakeholders in the contact center

By bringing together a unique set of capabilities, the Compliance Center addresses the needs of IT, compliance, business and agents by:

  • Reducing time and complexity to perform policy changes
  • Detecting breaches to take action
  • Adapting to regulatory changes and assessing adherence to privacy and recording laws
  • Providing recording assurance to agents in real time with notifications and alerts

Key Benefits:

  • Complete view of the contact center’s compliance situation across multiple regulations
  • Proactive compliance violation prevention and detection
  • End to end workflow for handling compliance breaches, including approval flows
  • Easily manage internal & external audits and disputes
  • Utilize automation and real-time notifications to minimize vulnerabilities
  • Leverage analytics for hidden insight