Quality Central Insight

Enabling True Metric-driven Quality Management

Quality Central Insight leverages the power of speech intelligence,

enabling every contact center to create an effective metric-driven,

omnichannel quality program based directly on insight from the voice

of the customer. Available on premise or in the cloud, Quality Central

Insight automates all quality processes in a single application to:

  • More effectively identify ways to improve agent performance.
  • Deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Drive efficiency, giving organizations a competitive advantage.
  • Provide consistency with evaluation results and feedback.
  • Gain complete visibility into customer contact by monitoring 100% of the interactions for quality.
  • Identify positive and negative interaction outliers for reward or correction, enabling the faster transition to desired agent behaviors.
  • Evaluate any data and recording source or channel, unifying all quality processes into a single application.
  • Save time and drive consistency into the evaluation process with AutoEvaluate,™ automatic answering of questions on an evaluation form and automatic scoring.
  • Provide end-to-end quality automation with pre-configured or customized workflows.
  • Personalize with the ability to segment data for custom reports and individualize dashboards.
  • Seamlessly Integrate with other NICE Solutions.
qci monitor
Realize Immediate Value

Enable Data-driven Decision Making

Quality Central Insight enables organizations to leverage verbal expressions to identify with precision interactions on the phone, chat and email channels that are having the most positive or negative effect on the business. Use the knowledge gained to make smart, effective decisions about coaching, feedback and process improvements.

Accelera te Feedback

Leverage speech intelligence to gain a holistic understanding of quality from all interactions. Rapidly drill down into anomalies from dashboards and reports or conduct ad-hoc searches on specific words or phrases to reveal which agents are struggling most with specific types of interactions or channel. Save time by only focus only on the relevant part of the recorded conversation which is marked by event tags in the visual player.

Uncover hidden behaviors to Achieve a Greater ROI

Instantly uncover hidden behaviors affecting organizational performance with pre-configured categories that cover the most popular business objectives such as sales, customer experience and organizational effectiveness. The Quick Query Builder provides quality teams with the tools to create custom categories based on words or phrases that they want to monitor.

Opera te Independent of Recording

Unlike traditional quality management solutions, Quality Central Insight functions and updates independently of the recording platform. This eliminates the risk of recording system data loss or downtime, as application updates are not dependent on recording platform upgrades.

Boost Efficiency with Automated Workflows

Simplify quality management programs with pre-configured workflow templates. Automate even more with the ability to customize any workflow with easy-to-use visual tools.

Improve Visibility into Quality


Draw on an extensive collection of standard reports. Create your own report with over 200 data points.


Give supervisors access to customizable dashboards and scorecard reports to evaluate performance for groups, specific teams or individual agents. Empower agents with easy-to-use dashboards to review evaluations, performance against peers, monitor progress and conduct self-evaluations.