Maintenance Agreement

Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal


Maintenance Agreement (MA) is one of the services provided by the Company that has gained the trust from many customers across the country, from many businesses, especially the leading financial institutions, both within warranty and after the warranty expires. By adhering to the fast service standard and solving problems within 24 hours, with SLA (Service Level Agreement) as the measurement for fast and highly efficient service quality. The company is aware of the continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of the service, which allows us to develop teams and work systems that are important to the performance improvement.

Type of Maintenance Service

NICE Recording Express, NICE Interaction Management, NICE Engage, NICE Real Time Authentication, NICE Nexidia Analytics, NICE Robotic Automation, NICE Workforce Management, NICE Performance Management, etc.

A maintenance service for a specified period of time to reduce the chance of failure and continuously maintain system performance.

A maintenance service that will be performed when a particular system is crashed or damaged, which is a service beyond Preventive Maintenance.


Maintenance SLA 24×7 (24-hour x 7 days)

We are always ready to provide service and resolve issues as quickly as possible, both onsite support and remote support, according to SLA standards (MA. Program Download), by a number skilled and well-trained professional engineers (NICE Certified) enough to provide service to every customer. We provide services under world class standard quality ISO27001 (Information Security Management)

Key maintenance service


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